Working Papers

Asymmetries of Non-Pecuniary Signals on Search and Purchase Behavior for Energy-Efficient Durable Goods
NBER Working Paper #22939
Joint with Scott Holladay, David Novgorodsky and Michael Price
(Revisions Requested)

Fracking, Coal and Air Quality
IZA DP 10170
Joint with Reid Johnson and Hendrik Wolff
(Revisions Requested)

What is the Causal Impact of Information and Knowledge in Stated Preference Studies?
Joint with Mikolaj Czajkowski, Nick Hanley, and Katherine Simpson (revisions requested)

Spatial Incidence of National Policies and Fixed Infrastructure: An Application to the Ethanol Mandate
Joint with Luiz Lima and Shukrat Musinov (revisions requested)

Transmission Constraints, Intermittent Renewables and Welfare
Joint with Xueying Lu (email for a copy)

Using k-means Clustering to Estimate Heterogeneous Treatment Effects: An Application to Water Infrastructure Failure
Joint with Casey Wichman and Brandon Cunningham (RFF DP 16-33, under review)

Is Time or Comfort Preferred for Taking Shared Transit? Evidence from a Field Experiment
Joint with Paul Chang (email for a copy)


Research in Progress

Additionality and Second Best Policy: Evidence from Energy Audits
Joint with Ben Gilbert and Kevin Novan

Gains from Accounting for Heterogeneity and Cloud Computing

Developing Open Source Success
Joint with Peter Crosta and Steven Soloway



Shareholder Protection and Agency Costs: An Experimental Analysis
Joint with Matt McMahon and Bill Neilson
(accepted at Management Science)

How Does Welfare from Load Shifting Electricity Policy Vary with Market Prices? Evidence from Bulk Storage and Electricity Generation
Joint with Scott Holladay
(accepted at Energy Journal)

Structural Uncertainty and Pollution Control: Optimal Stringency with Unknown Pollution Sources
Joint with Richard Carson
(accepted at Environmental and Resource Economics)

Second-Best Prioritization of Environmental Cleanups
Joint with Matt McMahon and Justin Roush
(accepted at Environmental and Resource Economics)

The Treatment of Uncertainty and Learning in the Economics of Natural Resource and Environmental Management
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy (2018) 12(1): 92–112
Joint with David Kling, Jim Sanchirico, Charles Sims, and Michael Springborn

Opportunity Cost Pass-Through from Fossil Fuel Market Prices to Procurement Costs of the U.S. Power Producers
Journal of Industrial Economics (2017) 65(4): 842-871
local copy)

The Impact of Cheap Natural Gas on Marginal Emissions from Electricity Generation and Implications for Energy Policy
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2017) 85: 205-227
Joint with Scott Holladay

Public Goods Provision in the Presence of Heterogeneous Green Preferences
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2017) 4(1): 243-280
Joint with Mark Jacobsen and Michael Price

Optimal Stochastic Resource Management with Costly Policy Adjustment
Ecological Applications (2016) 26(3): 808-817
Joint with Carl Boettiger, Michael Bode, Jim Sanchirico, Alan Hastings, and Paul Armsworth

Controlling for the Effects of Information in a Public Goods Discrete Choice Model
Environmental and Resource Economics (2016) 63(3):523-544
Joint with Mikolaj Czajkowski and Nick Hanley

The Power of the Little Blue Pill: Innovations and Implications of Life Style Drugs in an Aging Population
Economic Inquiry (2015) 53(1): 540-556
joint with Hendrik Wolff (local copy)

The Effects of Experience on Preferences: Theory and Empirics for Environmental Public Goods
American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2015) 97(1):333-351
Joint with Mikolaj Czajkowski and Nick Hanley

The Value of Familiarity: Effects of Knowledge and Objective Signals on Willingness to Pay for a Public Good.
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2014) 68(2): 376-389
Joint with Mikolaj Czajkowski, Nick Hanley, Margrethe Aanesen, Jannike Falk-Petersen and Dugald Tinch

Fuel Price Increases and the Timing of Changes in Household Driving Decisions
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2013) 65: 197-207
joint with Melanie Cozad (local copy)

Technology Adoption and Diffusion with Uncertainty in a Commons
Economics Letters (2013) 120(2): 297-301
joint with Ben Fissel and Ben Gilbert